Muker Literary Institute is an iconic historic building built in 1864 (see Literary Institute history and refurbishment ).

It has two rooms.  The upstairs room is used by Muker Silver Band.  The smaller lower room houses a exhibition of historic photos and artefacts.  This is free (though there is a donation box to support the upkeep of the building) and is open to the public most days.  It is also available for hire for half days, full days or evenings either separately or in conjunction with the Hall.

7-18 Muker Literary Institute exhibition (1)

If you are interested in hiring the lower room either separately or in conjunction with the hall, please see the Hiring page and contact the Secretary (see Contact).

The Institute was, until recently, run by a separate Trust and committee. However in April 2019 the Trustees decided that it made more sense to amalgamate with the Public Hall as both bodies served the community of Muker in similar ways.  This was approved by the Hall Trustees and the formalities of the amalgamation are currently being completed.  Details of how to contact the current officers can be found here.