Muker Public Hall and Literary Institute Governance

Until recently Muker Public Hall and Muker Literary Institute were, for historic reasons,  separate bodies.  Each body had its own governance though there were similar aims and close connections between them.  In 2019 it was decided by both governing bodies, and in consultation with the community they served, to merge in order to benefit from a combined group of trustees.  The legal merger was undertaken recently and in addition to this, the Institute has been merged with the Public Hall under the Charity Commission and there is now a combined charity organisation known collectively as the Muker Public Hall and Literary Institute (MPHLI) (Charity Number 1098816).  The main officers of this organisation are given in the contacts page.

Next steps for the governance

The merger means that the combined charity can now commence the process of converting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), giving a number of benefits, including additional protection to the trustees. This gives similar benefits to a charity as a Limited status would give to a private company.

This process will continue to take some time. Initially, both properties are to be registered with HM Land Registry,  however this may take some time as there is a backlog of registrations currently, due to the increased property activity during the pandemic.

Whilst this registration is being processed, the charity trustees also need to prepare and agree a number of Policies and Procedures, which will be incorporated into a new Constitution for the MPHLI.

The new constitution will be prepared in liaison with the Charity Commission in order that the new CIO can be formed. The new CIO will then be the ‘new’ charitable organisation through which the MPHLI will be administered. The existing charity will then be dissolved.

Regular updates will be provided via this website.

Development plans for Muker Public Hall and Literary Institute

The last major refurbishment of the Muker Public Hall took place in 1997 and, though maintenance of the building has been undertaken on a regular basis, the Trustees have recognised that there is a need for a further upgrading of the facilities. As a result the Hall recently had:

  • a modern multi-media system installed with a ceiling mounted projector, drop down screen and high quality audio system.
  • the stage area replastered and painted
  • the hall curtains (including the stage curtains) were recently replaced with the help of a grant
  • re-pointing of sections of the external walls
  • installation of wall lights appropriate for social events

Future plans include installing wi-fi, upgrading the kitchen and refreshing the floor.

The Muker Literary Institute has benefited in recent years from a number of projects including a major refurbishment of the structure including the roof and windows. Accessibility to the downstairs exhibition/meeting room has been improved by the installation of a ramp. And a generous grant from various donors allowed the installation of a display cabinet to house the growing collection of local artefacts reflecting the history of the village. Future plans include improving the carbon footprint of the building.